Offensive Zone Attack - Shoot to Score Camp


In the game of hockey most goals are scored after the rush.  The Offensive Zone Attack – Shoot to Score Camp will teach players methods of attacking the net after a rush attempt, as well as advanced shooting techniques.  The camp will focus on 5 player tactical strategies using the concept of fluid triangulation. 


Players will learn:

  • Skating techniques that will enable them to be quick, elusive, and stable on their feet in offensive battle zones.

  • How to execute strong one-on-one moves and how to avoid exposing the puck to defenders.

  • How to read the first player on the puck and make good puck support decisions.

  • How to make chip passes, scissor plays, cycle the puck, and create offence from behind the net.

  • How to use roll-outs that spread the defence out and get them away from the net.

  • How to develop a net front presence for beating quality goaltenders.

  • How to develop shooting accuracy.

  • How to develop a “pro” release.

  • How to shoot the puck effectively in traffic.

  • How to maximize shooting velocity.

  • How to shoot effectively from the point.

The Offensive Zone Attack – Shoot to Score Camp will give players the tools they need to create time and space in the offensive zone with the objective of creating offensive chaos and maximize scoring success.