SPEED DEMON:Skate & Skills Camps

Participant age groups U9, U11 & U13

A hockey player’s ultimate success is determined by the combination and harmony of technical skills, tactical abilities, decision-making skills, and the athletic qualities they possess.  The Skate & Skills Program offers an age-appropriate blend of all these essential pillars of hockey development.  When combined with our exclusive Rapid Skills Acquisition Protocols, expert coaching staff and a fun environment; you have all the ingredients required for accelerated learning and skill mastery.

Skate & Skills – Curriculum

Hockey Development Skills:                                     Athletic Development Skills:

Hockey Performance Skating Skills                         Posture-Balance-Stability Skills

Puck Control & Stickhandling Skills                       Flexibility-Mobility-Agility Skills

Passing & Receiving Skills                                        Coordination-Dexterity-Rhythm Skills

Shooting Skills                                                            Off-Ice Performance Skating Skills

Deking & Deception Skills                                        Off-Ice Puck Control & Stickhandling Skills

Offensive Battling Skills                                             Off-Ice Passing & Receiving Skills

Defensive Battling Skills                                            Off-Ice Shooting Skills


Game Sense Skills:

On- and Off- Ice SMART Games:

Spatial Orientation & Navigation Skills

Pattern Recognition Skills

Problem Solving & Decision-Making Skills